Retail Sales Of Weed At Private Homes In Los Alamos Is Insane And A Recipe For Disaster

White Rock


What do TA-55, the Device Assembly Facility at the Test Site, many banks and all retail sales ES of marijuana in Colorado and Nevada have in common?  They have at least one sally port.

What is a sally port?  That is two secure (typically steel) doors where the guard gets a look at you before he/she opens the outer door, then gets a real good look at you before he/she opens the inner door.  That way maybe it can be determined that you don’t have a pistol shoved down your pants and are going to rob the business of its weed, cash or both.  Sally Ports or similar security measures are mandatory for all retail sales of marijuana in Colorado and Nevada.  They are not mandatory in California, and that is why there were more than 15 armed robberies in the San Francisco Bay Area in November 2021.

UK Daily Mail: 12/10/21  Looters steal $5 million of products from 15 cannabis shops in the San Francisco Bay Area in a single month: One business owner insists it was ‘safer to sell on the streets illegally’  Also “Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told reporters that ‘hundreds’ of vehicles targeted marijuana stores in Oakland last month, firing 175 shots and stealing about $5 million worth of products.”

That is just one example.   Search  “marijuana dispensary robberies” on your browser and you will get  “About 2,000,000 results (0.51 seconds)”.  No, nobody needs to be selling weed out of their house (so the gunfire doesn’t come into my house), and they don’t need to have customers smoking weed in their house so they can come out and run over children on my street.  People selling weed for cash only (it is an all cash business, correct?) need to have adequate security so that when the miscreants come, they can be turned away.  “That can’t happen here!” you might say, well, you and I did not think that a stolen van would be used for a battering ram here last year and (seven?) business’ in Los Alamos attacked.   

Changing topics slightly:  Dear Director Mason, when the weed stores open in Los Alamos, may I please borrow one of the HRP Golden Retriever RV’s so I can mount a camera on the side and park it across the street from the weed stores?  Oh, that would be funny to see that video!!  I am laughing already!!