NMED: Cannabis Manufacturer Emergency Rules Go Into Effect


The Regulation and Licensing Department (RLD), Cannabis Control Division (CCD), in partnership with the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), enacted emergency rules on Thursday, December 2 for the manufacturing of edible and topical cannabis products in the state.

This emergency rule, enacted for 180 days, allows those in the cannabis industry to construct manufacturing facilities and prepare operational procedures in advance of submitting a cannabis manufacturer license application to CCD. Manufacturers of edible and topical products are required to complete a certification process with NMED prior to completing the CCD application process. The certification ensures the safety of the facility and manufacturing process with respect to food production and storage. Together, the certification and licensing processes will ensure a robust and safe cannabis industry in New Mexico.

Starting on Friday, December 10, 2021, manufacturers can use an NMED web-based portal to meet the certification requirement in the emergency rule.

“The Environment Department is committed to helping the cannabis industry thrive while meeting food safety standards,” said NMED Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “We want New Mexicans to fully enjoy New Mexico’s cannabis edibles with confidence.”

“Consumer safety is key to standing up a thriving adult-use cannabis industry in New Mexico,” stated RLD Superintendent Linda Trujillo. “The Cannabis Control Division is grateful to be working with the New Mexico Environment Department, the state’s food-safety experts, to set manufacturing rules that ensure that in New Mexico consumers have access to only quality, safe edible and topical cannabis products.”

Before the emergency rule expires, RLD and NMED will undertake a permanent rulemaking process that will involve stakeholders, including a public comment period and a public hearing, prior to adopting the final rule by May of 2022.

The emergency rule is available at https://ccd.rld.state.nm.us/laws-regulations/ and NMED’s certification portal will be accessible at https://www.env.nm.gov/forms/ on December 10.