Atomic City Cannabis Company Business Quest Update


The Los Alamos County Council is scheduled to consider the Planning and Zoning Commission’s  recommendation regarding Cannabis Retail at the County Council Meeting on December 7,  2021, via Zoom, at 6pm. This meeting is supposed to include a Public Hearing regarding this  same P&Z recommendation. The Agenda, Agenda Packet, and Zoom meeting details should  be posted on the County’s Legistar Website ( on Friday, December, 3rd  before said meeting.  

First, a bit of history regarding Cannabis in New Mexico. Prior to passage of the Lynn & Erin  Compassionate Use Act in 2007 (which legalized the sale of medical cannabis to patients with  licenses for same), and the Cannabis Regulation Act in 2021 (which legalized the sale of  Cannabis to any person 21 years of age or older for recreational consumption purposes), all  Cannabis sales were illegal. These sales happened, anyway, in many unregulated places and  with little discretion given to who could purchase said Cannabis (if one had the money, it didn’t  matter the age). This is what is known as a “black market” with all its attendant issues. Now  that Cannabis consumption has been legalized, it will be tightly regulated (see many provisions  of the Cannabis Regulation Act regarding education, security of product and sales, etc). It is  considered a new industry and should be available for interested Entrepreneurs to enter. Not  only would the Entrepreneurs benefit, but also the State, Counties, and municipalities will  benefit by intake of tax revenues, reduced incarceration rates, reduced poverty rates, and more  jobs! New Mexico’s legislators “covered all the bases” with this BOLD piece of legislation (the  Cannabis Regulation Act), and it was intended to address the social ills of the previous “black  market” that existed prior to the legislation.  

The Los Alamos County Council does not seem to be that BOLD. So far, the Council has  adopted all of the extremely restrictive (even more so than the Cannabis Regulation Act itself)  recommendations made by the P&Z Commission regarding Cannabis Cultivation and  Manufacturing. However, these recommendations were adopted without sufficient input from  Cannabis Consumers, Cannabis Patients, nor the general Los Alamos public about what are  their needs. Nor were these recommendations adopted with inclusion of sufficient information  with which to make such a decision! It seems to me that the only citizens they are concerned  about are federal lab employees, and then concerned with maintaining the sterile and barren  small business environment in Los Alamos. It seems to me that the only thing considered by  the Planning Department and the P&Z Commission is haste! Haste to beat any new Cannabis  business to the punch! – Keep out as many of them as we can! Their attitude truly seems to  be “Reefer Madness” run amok (and without sufficient nor timely public input to boot)! With  that in mind, the recommendations adopted, so far, put all Cannabis Cultivation and  Manufacturing onto DP Road, which is a toxic waste dump site. As the old saying goes “haste  makes waste”!  

There are over 500 medical cannabis patients in Los Alamos County, and considerably more  recreational cannabis consumers. None of the medical patients I have spoken to would  consume any cannabis products cultivated or manufactured on DP Road. We really don’t want  any toxic crap in our bodies! Two questions here: What was the County Council thinking when  it adopted these recommendations? What was the Planning and Zoning Commission thinking  about when they made these recommendations? After all, we are talking about people’s  consumption of medicinal and recreational products which are consumed internally via many  methods (smoking, vaping, and eating to name but some). Recreational Cannabis consumers  like variety and quality, and they also like to socialize with others. They like to shop at local  small businesses, too! 

I just read Councilor Izraelevitz’s Letter to the Editor, titled “An Open Book: Q Is For Qannabis”  in the Los Alamos Daily Post. Is he really trying to associate Cannabis with QAnon, or is he  referring to Q clearances of federal employees? My guess is the former, since we all know that  the letter Q has been recently monopolized by the QAnon movement, and hardly anyone (with  a Q clearance or not) would first think of lab Q clearances. It’s ridiculous — how could anyone  rightly equate legalization of Cannabis with such a broken and dangerous right-wing  conspiracy ideology? Shameful! It is further evidence, to me, that “Reefer Madness” attitudes  seem to rule in Los Alamos County Government! 

The County Council will more than likely adopt the really restrictive Cannabis Retail  recommendation made by the Planning and Zoning Commission, basically limiting, or  altogether eliminating small Cannabis business opportunities in Los Alamos. That is unless the  Public speaks up in support of the Cannabis Industry!  

I believe the people of Los Alamos are intelligent, and can think for themselves. We don’t  need the County to adopt more rules limiting our choices! I propose that the County Council  rescind the already adopted restrictions regarding Cultivation and Manufacturing, and then  reject the current P&Z recommendation regarding Cannabis Retail business in general. I also  propose that the County Council simply adopt the Cannabis Regulation Act and its rules as a  guide to establishing the Cannabis Industry in Los Alamos.

Thank you,
William Hunter
Los Alamos