County: Reminder To Celebrate The Holidays Safely


While the State of New Mexico continues to see new COVID-19 cases daily, Los Alamos County Emergency Management Office reminds the community to celebrate the holidays safely.

“Vaccinations rates in Los Alamos are high, however, Los Alamos is not immune to breakthrough cases,” stated Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson. “We should all practice due diligence to ensure that we keep family and friends safe.”  

Simpson recommends the following to reduce transmission as individuals gather to celebrate Thanksgiving:

  • Self-isolate if feeling sick, have symptoms, or have COVID-19
  • Take a COVID-19 test if COVID-19 symptoms are present
  • Limit gathering size to a small group, especially if dining indoors
  • Wear face masks indoors when not eating
  • Wear a face mask outdoors in crowded gatherings or with unvaccinated people
  • Gather outdoors if possible
  • Spread out and allow plenty of space for everyone
  • Set tables so people from the same households sit together
  • Limit possible exposure by keeping gatherings short in duration
  • Keep hands clean
  • Take extra precautions to protect seniors and the those who are immunocompromised
  • Do not travel unless fully vaccinated

Simpson points out that those who begin their two dose vaccine series or receive their booster this week, should be fully vaccinated in time for the New Year’s festivities. To schedule an appointment visit the New Mexico Department of Health website at

For more information on regarding the Los Alamos County’s efforts visit the