Response To Mr. Rickman


I am pretty sure I like James Rickman, he was a Libertarian County Council member correct?  I am sure I voted for him in 2016 or so.

Mr. Rickman, about the Mega Smith’s and cash, you are dead wrong on this topic.  If you had grabbed some change out of the cupholder in your car or on the dresser by your wallet at home, you would have NO STORY.   Maybe you think living in Los Alamos County is like living in Outer Mongolia or something, I know it is like that to a lot of people who move here.  

Trust me, I have lived and worked in some of the most rural and remote places on Earth (New Mexico, Utah, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Siberian Russia and the Russian Far East) and my heart leaps with joy at the magnificent selection in the Smith’s in White Rock.  80% of the world would find the selection at the White Rock Smiths jaw dropping.

Mr. Rickman, please count your blessings, you have so many options: Walmart, Food King, Albertsons, Whole Foods, TRADER JOES!!!  Natural Grocers in Los Alamos, The Co-Op etc.  The Mongolian herdsmen living in a ger (yurt) burning stacks of camel turds to stay warm and cook their food cannot understand what you are talking about.  They can make change down to the 1/1200th of a US dollar, but there is no tasty food to buy, just lots of horse, sheep and camel meat. 

Mr. Rickman: I have something else for you to worry about:  Some members of the County Council, are attached by a camel’s nose ring to the Los Alamos Resiliency Environmental Sustainability Board and will soon vote to have Natural Gas eliminated from your home, mandate that all your window replacements be triple paned, you must replace your existing water heater with a wimpy heat pump/electric-resistance version, and composting of the organic portion of your garbage will be mandatory.  That is what I am worried about, not the lack of Fritos or pocket change at the Mega Smiths.  

Mike Dempsey
White Rock