Fence Around Hilltop House Property To Be Constructed Soon As Ordered By Fire Marshal

Caution tape around the former Hilltop House is temporary pending construction of an 8-10 foot fence in the next week or so. Photo by Maire O’Neill/losalamosreporter.com


An 8-10 foot secure perimeter fence ordered by Los Alamos Alamos Fire Marshal Wendy Servey to be placed around all structures at the former Hilltop House property should be constructed within the next week or so. In an order dated October 18 and sent to the property owners New Mexico Innovation Triangle, LLC, Servey required that the fence be proposed not less than 10 feet away from any existing structures there.

As reported elsewhere, caution tape has been placed around the buildings, however, this does not mean the construction of the actual fence has been placed on hold pending an appeal of the County Council’s resolution concerning demolition of the hotel building. Servey confirmed to the Los Alamos Reporter Monday that the terms of her October 18 order are not changed by the appeal notice so the fence requirement is not on hold.

John Rizzo, an authorized agent for NMIT told the Reporter Saturday that the fence and vendor have been selected and that permits from the County “have been or will be pulled”.

“The County has to meet with the contractor to lay out where the fence has to be placed. Then the fence will be installed,” Rizzo said.

He added that the fence project should be completed in the next week or two and that hopefully the Thanksgiving holiday would not get in the way.

Meanwhile, Los Alamos County Community Development (CDD) Director Paul Andrus told the Reporter in an email Tuesday morning that Servey has not heard from NMIT as to their specific timeline on installing the fence.

” While we have fielded questions about our permitting process, no applications have been filed with CDD,” Andrus said.