Promoting Recruitment For Non-Profit Boards

President, Board of Directors
First Born Program of Los Alamos

Although we homeschool our kids, I watched the recent school board elections with interest. If the last couple of months have told us anything, it’s that serving on a board is of huge importance. Nonprofit oards, like the school board, make policies, direct the focus of an organization, hold the members of the organization accountable, and strategically plan the growth and function of the entity. Board members are crucial to the health and structure of their organization. 

I want to remind the community that there are other just as valuable (and less controversial!) opportunities to serve on local boards. We have so many great organizations here in Los Alamos that rely on a Board of Directors for their existence. As President of the Board of Directors for the First Born Program of Los Alamos, I can tell you that it is challenging to find people willing to serve in this capacity. I never planned to be on a board, but the experience has been fantastic. To see the workings of the organization from the inside out and be part of the group that ensures the on-going success of our program has made me greatly appreciate the efforts and challenges of all our local organizations.

Imagine Los Alamos without PEEC, JJAB, Search and Rescue, churches, the YMCA, the pools, Little Forest, theaters, music groups, sports organizations, thrift stores, the historical society… our community is vitally supported and enhanced by these entities and they are all underpinned by some form of a Board of Directors. 

I understand why the school board elections were in the spotlight. Our schools are important. BUT, I hope this election reminds us that ALL Boards – and their organizations that are so critical to our community – need engaged, participating members. 

I encourage you to seek out local organizations that have meant something to you and your family and ask whether their Board needs members. Often there is a relatively low time commitment. Many Boards will work to find an appropriate role for you. 

All of the organizations I’ve mentioned above (and more) have provided much needed connection and tangible support for our community and we would not be the same without them. If you want Los Alamos and White Rock to continue to offer these valuable services and resources, please consider serving on a Board.  

Our First Born Board of Directors is actively recruiting new members. The mission of First Born is to provide relationship-based home visiting to empower and support first-time parents and caregivers of children, prenatal to age five, and create connections with community and resources to optimize the development of healthy, safe, and thriving young children and families. If you are interested in helping serve and provide resources for new parents and their children by being on our Board, please contact me at

Otherwise, please reach out to those organizations that enrich your life and our town and see how you can be more involved.