LAHS Hilltoppers Swimming Competes In Green VS Gold Intrasquad

Los Alamos High School seniors Matias Rougier and Orion Henderson (front lane) celebrate a quick time for the Green relay team at the Toppers swimming intrasquad meet on November 6. Courtesy photo

Hilltoppers Swimming Coach

The Los Alamos High School swimming team competed in its season opening intrasquad meet Saturday at Walkup Aquatic Center.

Gold beat out Green in both genders – but only just barely. The girls’ tally was Gold 187, Green 186. Gold won the boys competition 183 to 178.

The boys team is the defending state champion and the girls team was third at the 2021 state meet.

Showing early season speed, the team posted 13 times under the state meet standards, though this is an unofficial meet.  

Senior Orion Henderson’s 500 free time of 4:46.70 is an unofficial Walkup pool record. Henderson was named to the NISCA high school All-America team in the event last season.

Senior co-captain Kamaya Ronning and senior All-America Kelly Wetteland were unable to compete in the meet; they were helping the Hilltoppers capture the state cross country team title at Albuquerque Academy.

 Junior Ming Lo doubled in the 100 fly (55.42) and 100 breast (1:06.09). Lo is a many-time high school state finalist, and school record holder in the 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle relay.

The Hilltoppers travel to Albuquerque Academy on November 13 for the 39th Annual Barney Relays. The Toppers have not beaten Academy in this meet in more than ten years.

The next – and only – home competition for Los Alamos is the Bill Hudson Memorial High School Invitational on December 3-4.



200 medley relay: Gold 2:11.18 (Kimball, Katko, Pieck, A Tripp), Green 2:12.89 (Holesinger, Amrani, L Ronning, Holland), Gold 2:38.65 (Javernick, Burns, Montoya, Rosette), Green 2:40.89 (Draganic, Evans, Nolen, Honnell)

200 free: Emily McLaughlin GR 2:17.81, Ada Tripp G 2:25.70, Bella Montoya G 2:35.96

200 individual medley: Sophia Pieck G 2:24.50,Lena Ronning GR 2:30.38, Myr Amrani GR 3:06.18

50 free: Savannah Kimball G 27.00, Allie Holland GR 29.14, Sadie Evans GR 31.99, Libby Nolen GR 32.34, Ella Javernick G 34.07, Annabelle Rosette G 35.05, Sofia Enriquez GR 37.65, Annie White G 53.65
100 butterfly: Sophia Pieck G 1:09.45, Lena Ronning GR 1:10.08, Emily McLaughlin GR 1:12.77, Marlee Katko G 1:22.96

100 free: Sylvia Holesinger GR 1:00.27, Savannah Kimball G 1:01.57, Ella Javernick G 1:18.91, Sofia Enriquez GR 1:22.83, Azure Honnell GR 1:33.39, Annie White G 2:10.71

500 free: Ada Tripp G 6:56.40, Kylie Burns G 7:10.62, Libby Nolen GR 7:20.62

200 Free relay: Green 1:56.17 (Evans, McLaughlin, L Ronning, Holesinger), Gold 1:57.40 (Tripp, Kimball, Burns, Pieck), Green 2:25.59 (Honnell, Enriquez, Draganic, Amrani), Gold 2:34.08 (Javernick, Rossette, White, Montoya)

100 back: Sylvia Holesinger GR 1:11.73,Marlee Katko G 1:13.98,Allie Holland GR 1:17.18, Sadie Evans GR 1:21.38, Bella Montoya G 1:25.31

100 breast: Kylie Burns G 1:39.72, Nadia Draganic GR 1:49.77

400 free relay:  Gold 4:08.79 (Kimball, A Tripp, Katko, Pieck), Green 4:14.87 (McLaughlin, Holland, L Ronning, Holesinger),Green 5:36.69 (Draganic, Honnell, Enriquez, Nolen), Gold 5:56.83 (Montoya, White, Rosette, Burns)

Girls Team Scores: Gold 187, Green 186


200 medley relay:  Gold 1:45.90 (D Henderson, Williams, O Henderson, C Kerstiens), Green 1:56.49 (Sutton, Lo, Shiina, Stradling), Green 2:48.28 (Berninger, Tripp, Corliss, Adams), Gold 2:29.43 (Johnson, Shrader, Gao, J Kerstiens)

200 free: Duncan Henderson G 1:49.90, Matias Rougier GR 1:50.68, Wayne Williams G 2:05.46

200 individual medley: Orion Henderson G 2:00.08, Andy Corliss GR 2:13.51,Caleb Kerstiens G 2:27.96, Takeshi Shiina GR 2:28.51

50 free: Hayden Sutton GR 23.90, Jin Kim G 28.27, Seth Javernick G 28.45, Gavin Shrader G 30.02, Will Berninger GR 33.60, Jace Kerstiens G 36.53, James Adams GR 42.90
100 butterfly: Ming Lo GR 55.72, Isaac Gao G 1:04.44

100 free: Matias Rougier GR 49.80, Caleb Kerstiens G 57.39, Jin Kim G 1:04.09, Gavin Shrader G 1:11.05, Liam Stradling GR 1:12.52, Tyghe Tripp GR 1:36.11

500 free: Orion Henderson G 4:46.70, Andy Corliss GR 5:37.46

200 free relay: Green 1:43.72 (Rougier 22.05, Corliss, Shiina, Stradling), Gold 2:04.32 (Javernick, Shrader, J Kerstiens, Kim), Green 2:25.52 (Berninger, Tripp, Lo, Adams)

100 back: Duncan Henderson G 58.25, Hayden Sutton GR 1:00.75, Takeshi Shiina GR 1:07.39, Isaac Gao G 1:10.37, Liam Stradling GR 1:18.77, Seth Javernick G 1:20.45

100 breast: Ming Lo GR 1:06.09, Wayne Williams G 1:08.82, Will Berninger GR 1:26.37, Tyghe Tripp GR 1:43.97, Jace Kerstiens G 1:49.87, James Adams GR 1:58.97

400 free relay:  Green 3:24.34 (Corliss, Sutton, Lo, Rougier),Gold 3:26.58 (O Henderson, D Henderson, Williams, Kerstiens),Gold 4:35.33 (Gao, J Kerstiens, Javernick, Kim)

Boys Team Scores: Gold 183, Green 178