LAMS Students Maira Finn And Gavin Bent Read From Their Book ‘The Clashroom’ During Reading Assembly

Authors Gavin Bent and Maira Finn read passages from their book ‘The Clashroom” during a recent reading assembly at Los Alamos Middle School. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Los Alamos Middle School students show their admiration for authors Maira Finn and Gavin Bent during a recent reading assembly. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Los Alamos Middle School Principal Suzanne Lynne introduces the two authors. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The scene at the LAMS reading assembly where authors Maire Finn and Gavin Bent read from their book ‘The Clashroom’. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


“There is a rumor at Thomas’ school about the clashroom, a classroom that sucks kids into other universes. Thomas doesn’t believe the rumor, until he and his friends are sucked into another universe! In this strange place do they not only find talking horses, vines that grow like trees, and strange animals, but an empire of monsters that wants to enslave the entire multiverse! Can Thomas and his friends stop them before everything everyone has ever known is in the monster’s hands?” – Amazon summary

What an exciting adventure for two Los Alamos Middle School students, Maira Finn and Gavin Bent, who spent two years writing a book called “The Clashroom” and then had it published.

Maira Finn has loved reading and writing since she was little. Her Amazon bio says she also plays the clarinet and piano. Her favorite book genres are fantasy and sci-fi and she plans on writing more books in those genres in the future.

Gavin Bent loves space and astronomy, and of course, writing, his bio says. He runs cross-country, loves mountain climbing, particularly the Colorado 14,000-footers.

Los Alamos Middle School recently held an assembly in honor of the two students where the two authors each read passages from the book. Other students were able to ask questions as the entire student body paid complete attention and recognized Finn and Bent with appreciative applause.

The unusual title for the book came to the authors quickly, basically as soon as the concept. Students asked if the teacher in one of the passages read to them turns out to be evil, but Bent assured them that she only features in the first couple of chapters as a minor character.

Asked what inspired and motivated them to keep going with the project during the two years, both authors noted that the idea of having their own book published encouraged them to continue.

Students were also interested in the cover design. Bent noted that they had hired someone to do it for them, given them a few concepts and let them build off those. The final design was the sixth revision.

Amazon recommends “The Clashroom” for ages 10 and up, however Bent and Finn encourage any who wants to read it to read it.

The book is available at and costs $12.99. The e-book version is $3.00.