PED: New Mexico Continues To Make Large Strides In Computer Science Education Access


New Mexico earned high marks for improving computer science education access in a new report that documents all 50 states’ computer science education efforts., the Computer Science Teachers Association and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance, released the 2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy this week.

The report noted the following improvements in New Mexico:

  • 44% of public high schools offered a foundational computer science course in 2020-21, compared to 32% in 2019-20 and 23% in 2018-19
  • 63% of New Mexico high school students attended a school that offered computer science in 2020-21
  • 28% of computer science students were female in 2020-21, a 5% percent jump from the previous year

 Additionally, the report noted, New Mexico made two policy changes to improve access, equity and sustainability of computer science initiatives:

  • The New Mexico Public Education Department developed a state strategic plan for K-12 computer science in 2021, as found here.
  • New Mexico is the first state to dedicate two staff members to specialize in computer science education. One position oversees grades K-8 within the Math and Science Bureau; the other position focuses on high school within the College and Career Readiness Bureau.

 “Computer science is vital for each New Mexico student’s education, empowering them to skillfully navigate life, education and career opportunities,” Public Education Secretary (Designate) Kurt Steinhaus said. “We are pleased to see continued improvement to computer science education in New Mexico. NMPED will continue to prioritize and promote computer science so all students have access to this promising career path.”

The report indicates potential for computer science growth as New Mexico averaged 2,924 open computer science jobs each month in 2020-21 with an average annual salary of $71,285.

Read the entire report here.