This Former LAPS Student/UNM Graduate Still Believes!


When I was growing up in Los Alamos I always just assumed the people on the school board had the best interest of the kids in the district as their focus and were supportive of the teachers and their needs. If this election cycle (particularly the answers to the LAHS Topper Times interviewers) is any indication, then the folks who should be on the school board serving our community are clear. 

Tony Jaurigue, Ellen Specter, Erin Green and Melanie Colgan have not only been endorsed by teachers in their district and answered the LAHS reporters questions with respect and thought, but have a history of actions showing that kids and teachers needs are the number one reason they want to serve our community. It is clear to me that this is not a political stunt or power grab for them, they truly care about the education our children get, their safety at school, and the health of students and teachers (physical, emotional and mental) in our community. 

As someone who also utilized the UNM-LA facilities for remote classes to UNM while working at LANL, I can confidently say by voting for Laura Woodring, David Hanson, and Alyssa Grissom for advisory board that this community asset will continue to remain strong. Having the UNM location here is vital for any lab employee seeking higher education with remote instruction, high schoolers looking for classes in various programs that may not be offered at LAHS, college bound students who may be looking to knock out some of their required freshmen classes while saving money, and community members looking to stay sharp and learn new things. Their commitment to getting and keeping good instructors, helping to identify ways UNMLA will benefit and change from the potential of free community college, and the health and safety of students will impact many in the community in positive ways. 

I still believe that there are people out there running who care about students, teachers and professors first and foremost. Vote for Tony, Ellen, Erin, Melanie, David Hanson, Laura and Alyssa tomorrow! 

Christina Hanson