Division Or Inclusion – A Call to Humanity


The reason why the issue of who serves on the Los Alamos School Board Members and who is its chair is an important one for all  parents is that it affects decisions, implementation of those decisions, structure and guidance on how our  children are educated and where they spend most of their time. It has a huge influence in their lives, as everyone knows. 

Stating that it shouldn’t be seen as a political platform is a nice notion but unfortunately and  sadly, it is. Schools are used for teaching an ideology of how the children should think.  That is a fact. We can observe that globally, not just in our town, state or country.  It requires an awareness and a critical mind to make decisions for our children regarding what they are  being taught and how to be discerning. Perhaps a middle of the road approach would work for  most.  

The idea of having a healthy debate, questioning and researching different points of view and  respecting differences seems to be completely lost. Why are we attacking one another instead of hearing one another out, taking their views into  consideration, incorporating ideas and finding compromises? What happened to thriving in a diverse culture and ideologies by learning from one another? Do we have to judge another person who has a different belief? Is this a war of beliefs? Are we  so divided that we have to attack another person’s belief system in order to preserve ours? 

Why can’t we, as an intelligent community, set personal differences aside and find solutions  together that take all views into consideration? 

Why can’t we agree to disagree but remain civil and respectful?

When circumstances get chaotic, wouldn’t it be wise to pause and reflect? 

People have removed themselves from saying anything because they do not feel safe. Many parents are confused and worried with the current circumstances due to how the  pandemic has been handled and how it has changed our culture, our community and our  behavior toward one another.  

Creating a safe space is not just about trying to control the physical environment of the  student, but also allowing different views of religion, cultures, traditions and experiences of  what we learn in everyday life.  

Why is the idea of being all inclusive – gay, lesbian, transgender, straight, etc. -, limited to these  groups instead of inclusiveness for all people, regardless of their beliefs? Most people in this town are faith-based people who don’t discriminate. Perhaps then it is discrimination of beliefs?

All children need a safe space to express themselves without judgment and if adults can’t agree to disagree on any topic in a respectful manner, what example do we set for our  children? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves where we are hypocritical and where our personal responsibility lies.  

If the goal is to respect and love others independently of what their beliefs or preferences are,  then shouldn’t this be all encompassing?

Heike Wilcox
Los Alamos