‘Proposed’ Development Of Area Around Middle School


I am writing in regard to the “proposed” development of the area around the middle school. I write “proposed” because all to often, proposed developments seem to be a done deal before any studies are completed or the public has any voice in the decision. I hope this is not the case here.

The undeveloped land around the middle school is precious open space where students can exercise safely away from traffic and enjoy the natural beauty of our area. Continuing development of open space and filling in neighborhoods, makes us all poorer and contributes to problems with wildlife, wildfire, and drainage. These areas should be left for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

We do have many areas in Los Alamos that are in dire need of redevelopment. Apartments in the areas with derelict or empty real estate such as the old Smiths, the Hilltop House, the movie theater, and the former C. B. Fox would improve instead of degrade our town. Housing in the downtown area seems to be very popular as it is walking distance to many businesses.

The reason we keep developing new areas is not that our need for new housing is so great, it is because developing new areas is much easier that redeveloping old areas. Previously developed areas have extra costs to redevelopment such as the cost of destruction, removal, and most importantly disposal of the old material. This means precious open area is destroyed while decaying eyesores are left untouched.

To all of the leaders of our County and schools: Please protect our open spaces and leave the area around the middle school as is while working out how to incentivize development of the downtown eyesores.

J. Nordholt