Life-Long Learners


I am deeply concerned by Rick Mooday’s response to the Topper Times’ question regarding the LAPS motto – ‘We prepare capable and confident, life-long learners.’  His perspective on learning is very cynical, just a means to an end. “Who wants to learn for a lifetime?” he asks.

I do. I want to learn for a lifetime. Constantly. Incessantly. I am a confident, life-long learner. I am inexhaustibly curious. Whenever I reach the bounds of my knowledge, I have the tools and skills necessary to ask more questions, to find more information, and to deepen my understanding. I am confident in my ability to understand whatever information I take on and to find resources to help me. My ego is not fragile and does not break when I broach challenging subjects or am confronted with my ignorance on a topic. To be a life-long learner is a commitment to constantly improving yourself and to not be daunted by that journey.

This should be true for everyone. Each person should have the foundational skills to support their learning and growth in whatever path they choose. Teaching our children to develop critical thinking and the skills to learn will serve them better than rote memorization as a means to improve test scores. Learning serves a greater purpose than “government issued certification and training courses to meet ever evolving corporate needs blah blah blah.” Direct quote.

With all the hope that high schoolers hold, I can’t fathom why Mooday answered their question with such pessimism. Learning is not depressing, Mr. Mooday, but your outlook certainly is.

This cynicism does not belong on our school board. Someone with such disdain for learning should not be making decisions about our children’s education.  Our teachers deserve better than this derision of their craft.  Please support a candidate that believes in our schools and vote for Melanie Colgan.

BS Dowd