Get Out The Vote!


Various groups both from inside the and outside Los Alamos County are working feverishly on their Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts to get the people who will vote for their candidates to show up at the polls or to return their absentee ballots, based on that group’s agenda. As always, I strongly encourage all county residents to vote.

There are substantial differences between the candidates, and many ways to learn about them, including contacting them personally, and we want to have LAPS Board and UNM-LA Advisory Board members who truly represent our county. There is also an important bond measure.

I’m running for UNM-LA Advisory Board Position 5. We all want UNM-LA to grow, succeed, and meet community needs, but the one thing that sets me apart from the other candidates is my proven commitment, having attended meetings since May of 2019. I have listened to and spoken many times with Chancellor Cindy Rooney, Director of Business Operations Bob Harmon, and Director of Student Affairs Kathryn Vigil. I look forward to spending time with the new Dean of Instruction, Paul Allen.

If you vote for me, I will be your representative before the Board and to UNM. I support expanding UNM-LA to meet academic, vocational, and other community needs. I will listen to you and work actively within the community to promote UNM-LA, the same way I do with the other organizations on whose boards I serve, which include the Los Alamos Cooperative Market, the Los Alamos Retirement Community, and County Parks & Recreation.

I would be honored to have your vote, but whoever you support, please make your voice heard. Early voting ends Saturday and election day is next Tuesday. Thank you!

David Hampton
Candidate For Position 5
UNM-LA Advisory Board