New Mexico’s Last Trapping Season On Public Lands Begins Monday, Nov. 1

Photo Courtesy TrapFree New Mexico Coalition

TrapFree New Mexico Coalition

Monday, Nov. 1 marks the start of New Mexico’s last trapping season on public lands.

Roxy’s Law will take effect April 1, 2022 and effectively end the use of traps, snares and poisons across all public lands in the state.

But there is one more trapping season to get through first. That means that from Monday, Nov. 1 until March 15, 2022, you can expect to find dangerous, cruel traps and snares awaiting the paws and claws of unsuspecting wildlife and companion animals throughout New Mexico.

Stay alert and stay safe! TrapFree New Mexico encourages you to watch this video to learn how to release your dog from a leghold trap and consider carrying cable-cutters in case your dog encounters a deadly snare. Already this fall TrapFree New Mexico has heard from a New Mexican who has had to free their dog.

As always, anyone who does encounter a trap is asked to please share your story with us.

We hope that you can enjoy New Mexico’s public lands this winter, but do so knowing that traps are out there. Next winter will be wonderfully different…

It’s never too late to thank the lawmakers who helped pass Roxy’s Law. You can look up your state senator and representative here and you can find a list of who voted for Senate Bill 32 here (House) and here (Senate). You can also thank Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham here for signing SB 32 “Roxy’s Law” into law.