To Los Alamos Medical Professionals, First Responders And Prayer Warriors – A Great Big Thank You


I wish that I have all the names so that I could send all of you an individual thank you note.  There are so many of you, including many prayer warriors unknown to me.

What happened?

Last Friday morning around 5am in the morning, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, I dropped and was sprawling on the floor.  I managed to crawl to the bathroom and back to bed.  I later found out that I had a minor stroke as verified by an MRI. My wife, always quick to respond, called 911, and within minutes, the emergency responders were up into our second floor bedroom.  Thank you for your rapid response and medical care.  I was taken to the emergency room at LAMC and was later admitted to the hospital after remote diagnosis by a neurologist and later MRI verification of a minor stroke.  My left side was numb and I had no ability to coordinate any movement on that side.  Even now after discharge, I still feel numbness of the left shoulder and upper left leg.  I can walk well with a cane.

Being grateful and feeling privileged to live in Los Alamos

I have lived in Los Alamos since 1972. There were other health emergencies for me, my wife, and my family, but this is the first time I had the full experience including being admitted and later discharged by the hospital. On the second days,  knowing that I had improved and will be discharged the following day, Sunday, I thought about how to thank all the medical staff for their kindness and professionalism, especially as some had already left for the weekend. I hope this note will reach them.  I hope that on the second night they have noticed my note of gratitude and my thank you extended to them, including when they come in the middle of night at different times to take my vitals, draw my blood, check my oxygen level, and straighten out my entangled sheet and blanket. Thanks to the physical therapist who assisted me to improve my physical coordination.  Forgive me if I missed mentioning your help and assistance in my recovery.  There are so many of you.

Thanks to our Catholic community, all your prayers on my behalf in assisting my recovery, many unknown to me.

Kenneth Lee