Retail Cannabis Code Update


On Oct. 27, Los Alamos Planning and Zoning Commission will be discussing the Retail Cannabis code for Los Alamos County. Everyone who has ever had concerns about stagnating small business and retail zones in Los Alamos should plan to attend and ask them NOT to prematurely restrict retail business by preventing indoor smoking areas (like those in cigar shops, for instance) in established cannabis retail storefronts. Disallowing smoking areas in shops could make the retail cannabis industry in Los Alamos less attractive to potential entrepreneurs before we even have a chance to see how indoor smoking areas impact retail zones in town.

Additionally, the current wording in the proposed code around home occupancy retail cultivation is vague and slightly confusing and needs to be reworded to make it crystal clear it is discussing RETAIL cultivation in residential areas and not pertaining to personal cultivation or cultivation by micro-grow business license holders.

Whether or not you partake, cannabis is now a legal substance in New Mexico and Los Alamos could greatly benefit from being as open as possible to the potential of retail cannabis, both from tax revenue and increased tourism. To overly restrict cannabis retail  before we see what interest there may be in our county as a cannabis retail destination is shortsighted and yet another blow to small and local business investors. Legalization has had a positive impact in other communities of similar populations and demographics. 

Please do not let those who are nervous, misinformed, or ignorant to the actual cost/benefits of a thriving retail cannabis economy, make decisions without input from those who are informed, educated, and interested in seeing our local economy grow and expand. Have your voice heard by attending the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting via Zoom tomorrow night or by emailing the Planning Commissioner with your thoughts.

Brandi Engeman
White Rock