League Of Women Voters Suggests Remedies For Shortage Of Voter Guides

LWVLA Co-President

The League of Women Voters has found that our Voter Guides for the coming election are in great demand.  We’re happy for the interest in the election, but disappointed that the extra 300 copies we ordered, in addition to the ones inserted in the LA Daily Post on October 7, have run short.  We’re trying to keep one copy at each polling place, and we’ll also put a notice with our website at the libraries and senior centers that you can take home.  Luckily, it’s simple to find the whole guide on our website:  lwvlosalamos.org

Remember that you can only vote for a school board candidate running in your district, but for the UNM/LA board you may vote for one candidate from each position.  And don’t forget to vote on the mill levy question for the public schools.