I Would Bring New Ideas To The UNM-LA Advisory Board Table


As a part of the UNM-LA advisory board, I would bring new ideas to the table. We live in an amazing community and we have a lot of possibilities for students. We need to work towards creating more of a balanced workforce within the community. 

The following are a couple ideas I have that will help us reach out to new and current students at UNM-LA. We could go well beyond the opportunities provided by our existing welding and machining programs. We also need to reach out to LANL to extend high school programs here in Los Alamos and Espanola for craft trades, such as woodworking and plumbing. This would enable local businesses to have a strong, reliable workforce that is invested in the betterment of our community. We could also work with the high school to develop a learn-to-work class. High school students would be able to learn trades and go into the workforce when they graduate. As I have previously stated, not all students want to be computer scientists or engineers. This is a reality that our community needs to accept and embrace so we can become a more abundant and thriving town. 

The possibilities are endless. But they require looking outside the box, creativity and being open to new ideas. My name is Laura Woodring; and I am the best candidate for the UNM-LA Advisory Board, Position 2. I appreciate your support!

Laura Woodring
Candidate for Position 2
UNM-LA Advisory Board