Los Alamos LGBTQ+ Students: We Support You


In light of a recent unfortunate letter to the editor, we want to make it clear to the LGBTQ+ students of Los Alamos that you are respected, supported, loved, and that your lives matter. To the LAPS staff members who are feeling unsafe, we offer you our support as well. The person who wrote that hateful letter, and the follow-up to it, does not represent this community. You don’t need us to tell you that LGBTQ+ kids face disproportionate discrimination, bullying, and subsequent mental-health problems—that letter is just one example of the sort of intolerance that causes queer students to feel marginalized and alienated. We unequivocally condemn it.

School can be hard enough. For many LGBTQ+ people, it is where they are in their lives when they first explore who they are and how they identify. In the face of harassment and discrimination, the challenge of sorting all this out in that already-confusing environment can seem overwhelming. LAPS has an obligation to protect each and every one of its students, regardless of sexual or gender identity, and the district has made its commitment to this goal clear.

For any students who feel discouraged and hurt by the anti-LGBTQ+ vitriol represented in that letter, know that it is just one person and probably a few of her bigoted friends. You’ve also got support, and there are more of us than there are of them. We’re here for you. 

National resources include: 

Local resources include :

  • The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico supports transgender, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and gender variant people and their families
  • Los Alamos Middle School Genders and Sexualities Alliance Sponsors: Hanako Brown (h.brown@laschools.net) and Cara Michel (c.michel@laschools.net)
  • Los Alamos High School GSA Sponsors: Brian Easton and Melissa Goldman (m.goldman@laschools.net)
  • Los Alamos Teen Center GSA Contact: Luke Eigelbach, teencentergsa@laymca.org
  • Friends of Los Alamos Pride Facebook Group
  • Self-Help: Techo – housing assistance for LGBTQ youth – https://selfhelpla.org/techo/

Los Alamos also features two support groups:

The Trans/NB/GNC+ group meets one evening a month. From the group:

“The group is open to anyone identifying as trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and related identities or anyone questioning their gender. Attendees under 18 are welcome to bring a parent. If you would like to attend and need/would like to bring a support person who is not trans that is OK too.”

If you are a parent or loved one of a trans/gender-nonconforming person and are seeking support for yourself, there is a separate group that meets one evening a month to find connections and build community. Email losalamosfamilygroup@gmail.com for more information.


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