LAPS Healthy Is Highlighting Belonging During The Month Of October


LAPS Healthy Schools is highlighting “Belonging” for the month of October. A sense of belonging includes feeling secure, recognized, connected and able to participate in something meaningful that gives us purpose. A sense of belonging is a basic human need. Students who feel connected to their school communities do better in school and in life.

What might belonging look like?

• Do you have a go-to person at school?

• Are you involved in at least one club or activity?

• Are you able to identify and use your unique strengths and recognize the contributions of others?

• Are you able to reach across differences to get to know people who may not be like you?

• Is there a place where you feel comfortable being your authentic self?

• Does your school feel safe — physically, emotionally, academically?

• Is it a place where you can make mistakes, learn and grow?

Los Alamos Public Schools encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities available at their school site and in the community. Each school has a list of clubs that meet during lunch or outside of the regular school day. Depending on the school site, topics range from chess to dance, anime to astronomy, science bowl to student council and many in between. Students can request information about school clubs and activities from their teacher or school counselor. If students have a particular interest that is not yet represented and would like to start a club, they are encouraged to reach out to a teacher or staff member to partner with as a sponsor.