Addressing The Budgetary Health Of Los Alamos Public Schools


During the course of this election, I have been vocal on the importance of mental health and how it cascades into every aspect of life, but I would like to take this chance to discuss the importance of budgetary health and its impact in Los Alamos Public School District.  

    There are some important goals of our district that require fiscal responsibility to meet.  One such goal is to support the strategic plan of our district.  This plan includes not only the well-being of students and staff, but facility maintenance, continued training to produce impactful leadership, communication, integrating technology, among other goals.  

    It is important for the community and the candidates to understand that education budgets in New Mexico are limited by state law.  This includes operational budgets.  With this in mind, it is vital that LAPS uses these funds to their maximum potential.  Thankfully there are options to supplement our funding.

    One such mechanism is the upcoming Public Schools Building Act. We currently fund this act with our property taxes and voting FOR this mill levy will not change our taxes in any way.  This funding stream can provide a means to maintain or improve buildings, improve the school grounds, provide transportation for students, provide technology to improve the capabilities of the district, which has been vital to the success during the pandemic. Even standard supplies for the classroom can be funded by this bond, removing the need for teachers to pay out of their own pocket, or rely on the generosity of parents.  

    I will end with an anonymous Greek proverb that has stuck with me and molded my behavior and outlook, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit”.  It is important that we look towards the future, and plan to provide a budget and resources to ensure the success not only for our children, but the children who will follow them for decades to come.  That is why I’m asking everyone to vote FOR the public schools building act. 

Antonio R. Jaurigue
Candidate for District 2
Los Alamos Public Schools Board