Los Alamos Federation Of School Employees Supports Inclusion And Diversity In Schools


Los Alamos Federation of School Employees (LAFSE) Union co-presidents Christine Engelbrecht and Trey Pereyra have issued the following statement:

 “Recent, disturbing efforts are emerging in our community to remove any references to  representation, literature, events, or celebrations regarding LGBTQ+ History Month or  National Coming Out Day. This has given public educators cause for pause and concern.  

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are protected classes in New Mexico, and it is  abhorrent to educational professionals in the Los Alamos Public Schools that some in our  community would seek to target, harass, and erase these valuable community voices and  identities. 

“Los Alamos is comprised of diverse individuals of various backgrounds. Our student and  staff population are no different. The inclusion of our LGBTQ+ staff and students will  continue to be a priority of this Union.  

“Additionally, student and staff wellbeing must be prioritized, and we will work with our  community and school partners to ensure every resource, book, advocate, educational  literature, and support is readily available. I am excited to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month  and National Coming Out Day with our students and staff, and we urge all Los Alamos  residents to reject harmful efforts to erase segments of our student and staff populations,”  said Pereya. 

“LAFSE has and will continue to advocate, support, and defend all staff members from  attacks based on their identity. We will continue to support the LAPS School board as they  create and uphold policies which prohibit discrimination of our staff and student minority  groups and LBGTQ+ populations in accordance with Title IX federal law. Furthermore, we  celebrate educators in this district who choose curriculum which promotes kindness,  acceptance, and inclusion of all students and staff members,” said Engelbrecht.