Defacement Of Los Alamos Community Winds Trailer In White Rock


It was with dismayed surprise that I became aware of the vandalization in late September of the Los Alamos Community Winds trailer that was stationed at the White Rock Baptist Church.  The white trailer was spray painted on all sides with large black pentagrams along with some obscene language graffiti.  

Pentagrams are actually a symbol sacred to the Wiccan religion.  Using this symbol in a way to deface a property that obviously did not belong to the perpetrators and located in a church parking lot is not only show of a shallow ignorance but also a disrespect to all religions.  To disrespect any religion’s symbols is to disrespect all religion’s symbols. 

Three communities were harmed here.  First and foremost, the Los Alamos Community Winds whose trailer was damaged by defacement.  This is a non- profit group that gives their time and talent to provide enjoyment to the community. Second, the White Rock Baptist Church, a center of worship for their congregation and who generously had allowed parking lot space to the LA Community Winds.  The third community harmed is the Wiccan Community of northern New Mexico who also partake in give back to the community and had maintained a mile on NM 4 for approximately 10 years.  This community was harmed through the careless disrespect of their religious symbols used in a lawless act.  It is deeply disturbing, especially in this country’s time of political and religious restlessness, to see such a thing happen in our northern New Mexico community.  My great hope is that the perpetrators will gain appropriate insight into the responsibilities to self and others required by all good citizens.  Let’s all use this opportunity to reexamine and renew our commitment to respect for one another on all levels.

Carol Burling
Santa Fe
Our Lady of the Woods – Wicca