Please Vote To Retain Melanie Colgan On School Board And To Continue School District Mill Levy

Dear Editor:

Reading the recent letters to the editor regarding school curriculum highlights to me the importance of having leadership on the Los Alamos School Board that is professional, well-informed, empathetic, and eager to find community consensus through conversation and information. My interactions with current School Board member Melanie Colgan, both in a personal capacity and in my role as County Councilor, lead me to support her to continue as my representative on the School Board. Melanie’s dedication to the position is evident, and her demeanor during meetings showcase her respect for staff, parents, and most of all, our children.

If you live in District 4, please vote to retain Melanie Colgan on our School Board, and while you are at it, please vote Yes! to continue our School District Mill Levy.

David Izraelevitz