LGBTQ Is Not Curriculum And Has No Place In School


The local Unitarian Church leader made my case for me.

He clearly thinks the schools have the right to re-educate our kids to his way of thinking and that parents should pull their kids out of school when our parental autonomy is violated.  Therein lies the problem.  

Parental autonomy is guaranteed and I have outlined the parameters to ensure it is not violated.  LGBTQ is not curriculum and has no place in school.  He should keep his agenda to himself and away from children whom he has no authority over.  He is causing division by his intolerance to different beliefs than his own.  It simply needs to be removed and individual parents can decide for themselves whether or not to go there.  Frankly, the man needs to stop spreading his political hate and religious bigotry.  Nobody actually hates the LGBTQ community.  It is a disagreement with it.

Valerie Fox
Los Alamos