Endorsing Rick Mooday For Los Alamos School Board District 4


We are writing this letter to endorse Rick Mooday for the District 4 seat on the Los Alamos School Board. We have known Rick for over 20 years as a colleague and a friend. Rick is passionate about ensuring the availability of high-quality, public-school education for Los Alamos. He is the product of a small-town public-school education, which prepared him well for military service and his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His combat experience in the military, educating undergraduate students in Chemical Engineering, as a baseball coach and his work at the Laboratory position him well to be a strong advocate for students. Rick understands the important role public schools play in the future of our children and the nation. 

Rick and his wife, Teddie Sue have raised four children, all educated in Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS). Their youngest is a junior at LAHS. Rick has a good understanding of what our public schools offer and has seen a decline in academic excellence as his children have progressed through LAPS. He knows these issues are not the fault of teachers, staff or counselors. He understands reduced academic excellence is the outcome of poor state/local policy, constant curriculum flux and dissociating parents from the education of their children. 

Initially we were concerned about his position on COVID-19 and mask mandates so we reached out to him for clarification. He is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all LAPS personnel, including students, teachers and staff. He understands that masks are currently part of that effort. He is also supportive of the 3% (enhanced controls) and 5% (short term school closure) LAPS action levels established by LAPS Interim Superintendent Jennifer Guy. 

Rick believes LAPS should maintain a focus on academic excellence and ensuring every student attending or graduating from LAPS is well prepared to thrive and succeed in their next venture. 

Thank you for your attention.

Greg and Patti Buntain