Keep LGBTQ Books And Celebrations Out Of Los Alamos Public Schools

Los Alamos School Board,

Please note that this email is being shared via social media.  Last week, upon receiving a newsletter from my child’s school noting the intent to celebrate LGBTQ this month, I sent out an email to the District Superintendent, School Principal and my child’s teacher stating my intent to sue the LA School District should my child be exposed to said deviant lifestyles and said agenda.  I made my appearance at last week’s school board to advise you of my intent, should that occur.  I have been talking with other parents that are fed up with the School District’s assault against our parental autonomy and religious beliefs.

It has been brought to my attention that our public schools have books available to children on these topics.  I and other parents consider this to be child endangerment.  I am formally requesting a list of all books that the public schools have that are related to the LGBTQ agenda, as well as their locations.  I am formally requesting that the schools pull all books on these topics, as sexual deviancy is not an appropriate subject to be made available in school.  I will reiterate, these topics are child endangerment and religiously intolerant, and will be treated as such, should my child be exposed to the topic.  As long as my child attends your schools, plan on keeping those books and celebrations out. Thank you.

Valerie Fox