‘Terminated And Leave Without Pay LANL Employees Announce Rally On State Route 4 At 6 a.m. Monday

A flyer being circulated by LANL Coalition for Freedom and other groups opposing the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for Los Alamos National Laboratory employees. Courtesy image


The Los Alamos Reporter received a copy of the above flyer Friday afternoon announcing a rally on State Route 4 between the White Rock Library and the traffic signal at Pajarito Road. After reaching out to the email address on the flyer, the Reporter received a statement from LANL Coalition for Freedom stating as follows:

On Monday 18 October 2021 at 6AM, some of the employees who are impacted by LANL’s vaccine mandate will gather in White Rock near Parajito Road and State Highway 4.  The 18th is the first working day that the Lab will be without the hundreds of employees terminated, forced into leave without pay and retirement.  There is no guarantee of their positions being available when and if the Lab determines that the risk of Covid has abated.

Peaceful protesters hope to demonstrate that real people are significantly impacted by policies that bypass rights to bodily integrity, provide no reasonable accommodation for religious exemptions, and discount the medical exemptions provided by multiple medical professionals.

Any further information will be published as received.