I Want To Bring My Background And Skills To The UNM-LA Advisory Board


Over the past couple of months, UNM-LA administrators and staff have been exceedingly generous with their time, answering my questions regarding operations, student services, instructional matters, and other issues. They have shared their insights concerning the successes and the challenges of operating this small college in this small town.

I came away from these conversations with the realization that we are indeed fortunate to have this special group of people at UNM-LA, gracious and well-spoken, highly competent and capable, and deeply dedicated to the school and students. Their outlook and hard work are reasons why UNM-LA is doing as well as it, filling an important niche in our community. 

I have also gained a sense of what they need from an Advisory Board. I can assure you that the folks who are in the trenches every day, who are committed to this school and its mission in our community and northern New Mexico, hope for an Advisory Board that listens, asks good questions, engages the issues, and invests in the university. Administrators and staff want to hear from and partner with the community, working together to bring the best possible educational experience to students who are looking for a solid start to their post-secondary journey. The Advisory Board should be an active participant in this dialogue: that is why these are elected positions!

Good Advisory Board members will step into the process at precisely this point: listening and learning, discussing all facets of issues, proactively collaborating with all stakeholders, building bridges in the university-community conversation. The effective Board member at UNM-LA will be less inclined to push a personal agenda, more inclined to support the good things that are taking place, and eager to participate in the exploration of creative solutions to real concerns. At the bottom line, this community college needs Advisory Board members who care about and work for the good of every student, bringing experience, common sense, and a heart for service to the task. 

I want to bring my background and skills to the table, being a part of the good work and exciting future of UNM-LA. 

That is why I am running for Position 2 on the UNM-LA Advisory Board.  

Thank you for your support in this election!

Chuck McCullough
Candidate for Position 2
UNM-LA Advisory Board