Piece Of PVC Pipe Successfully Removed From Deer’s Leg

Veterinarian Dr. Kathleen Ramsay of Cottonwood Rehab has successfully removed a piece of PVC pipe that was stuck in the leg of a deer observed during the last month in Los Alamos. With the assistance Wednesday of Los Alamos County Council Vice Chair James Robinson, right, Department of Game And Fish Ofc. Ariel Perraglio and Ty Horak, Chair of the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, left, the deer was sedated and the PVC was removed. Courtesy photo

The piece of PVC pipe that was removed. The community had been asked in mid-September to watch out for the deer. See https://losalamosreporter.com/2021/09/19/vet-others-search-for-injured-deer/. Courtesy photo