The November Vote And Our Community


There are so many good reasons to vote Yes for the Public Schools Building Act, on November 2.  Most importantly  this vote is for our children and their needs for a quality education and their welfare and safety.  Another possible benefit is that to keep putting this money into education  increases property values in Los Alamos.   The Wall Street Journal reported that there is a definite correlation between school performance an property values in the surrounding communities.  The laboratory and businesses in our community will attract people and therefore benefit our whole quality of life.

One may not associate an increase in property values with projects at schools.  Research has shown there are correlations between school improvements and expenditures to local property valuation. One study has shown that for every dollar spent on our schools that property values increase by $20.  Families desire good schools and are looking for places which will provide a quality of education that meets those desires. All of this will not affect the tax rate in our community.

Please join me in voting Yes and help keep Los Alamos Schools and our community the very best there is.

Judy McKenzie