Councilor David Reagor: No Mandates

Dear Editor,

It was a pleasure to read the thoughtful letter from Dee Cruz-Murphy on September 4 asking a number of insightful questions about COVID mandates.  She cited a story that I had missed, Carnival Cruise Lines with 100% vaccinated guests and an outbreak of COVID.

It is disappointing to read the misleading responses and letters.  The English Navy aircraft carrier the HMS Queen Elizabeth had a 100% vaccinated crew this spring.  This summer they made a port call in Cyprus which was in the middle of a Delta variant outbreak.  Shortly later they had over 100 cases on board.  The article is here:

The BBC story is short on details, but it proves that the COVID shot is not really a vaccine, it does not confer immunity.  The “vaccinated” still get the disease, carry it around, and spread it to others.  The shot just reduces the severity of the average case.  This is important in highly vaccinated countries like Cyprus, Israel, Iceland, etc.  The epidemic is still active, even in the summer, when respiratory diseases are normally less active.  Those countries have vaccination programs that were way past herd immunity months ago, but the “vaccine” does not provide individual immunity and the epidemic continues.  The inventor of these mRNA vaccines is Dr. Robert Malone and he is arguing that the shots actually create the variants that are currently spreading.

The next issue is our press and politicians misleading the public.  They first say the shot is a vaccine, when it does not confer immunity. This is understandable as the scientists in Washington told everyone that it is a vaccine.  The second lie is that the continued epidemic is the fault of the unvaccinated.  The attack on the unvaccinated is really immoral, it represents the worst kind of minority scapegoating.  I still stand by my earlier statement that this is the action of a sociopathic government.  

There are two kinds of minority harassment that are underway.  One is the use of repeated testing regimens on unvaccinated employees.  The Los Alamos County government, Los Alamos Public Schools, and Los Alamos National Laboratory are all requiring this of the unvaccinated.  This is pure harassment as the vaccinated are known to carry and spread the virus.  All employees should all be tested with a similar regimen.  In addition, the laboratory has launched a shot mandate for their employees.  Since the shot is not an actual vaccine, the small pox precedent does not apply.  This shot is just a medical treatment and autocratic officials have no right to require any such treatment.  Any fair person should hope that the LANL employees will be successful in their lawsuit to stop this order.

The New Mexico mask mandate has returned for the vaccinated because they can both get and spread the virus.  The promise from six months ago was that taking the vaccine would allow you to return to normal.  It does not.  The protection for all of us is the development of better treatments and that should have been the focus from the beginning.

David Reagor
Los Alamos County Councilor