Not Against Vaccine. Just Against Mandate


 How is it possible to approve religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate, that are almost unprovable, and continue their employment but without pay…and yet, if you have sincere medical concerns about the vaccine and don’t get the exemption because the gods that be at the Lab rule against you, you are terminated. Are we really putting religious belief exemptions to the test by telling the employees they can keep their job but not get paid? And, if you have medical concerns, you are not following the science, therefore, you lose your job completely if you are not approved. Who, at Los Alamos National Laboratory is making the decisions as to whether someone qualifies for a medical exemption? Is it Occupational Health? I doubt it. And who determines if someone truly has religious beliefs that would be a valid exemption? Do people making these decisions actually talk to the employee’s clergy to verify any of this? I doubt it.

Please….someone tell me how they are making these devastating life altering decisions, and who is making them. Are they qualified to actually make a decision on health or religion one way or another? By the way, I am vaccinated so I am not an anti-vaxer. I am someone concerned about people losing their jobs or not getting paid because the Lab and our president are not yet satisfied that so many people have already lost their jobs during this pandemic. It seems to me that the Lab had a workable solution during the beginning of COVID. What happened to solutions that accommodate all? Perhaps, the Lab should have a legal document that says, “During this vaccine mandate, if we have forced you to get the vaccine to keep your job, we will be responsible for any and all medical bills and/or funeral expenses should you become seriously ill from said vaccine”. That seems reasonable.

Joyce Barker
Los Alamos