Letter Of Support For Melanie Colgan

I want Los Alamos Public Schools to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of its students.  That means allowing our students to thrive in in-person school without the fear of being exposed to COVID and bringing that home to vulnerable family members. It also means fostering an environment where they are allowed to thrive because they are safe, both physically and emotionally.  Melanie Colgan is the candidate in my district that I know will work towards these goals.

In her many, many years of work on the PTO, both as president and as organizer of Barranca’s largest fundraiser, Melanie has worked to provide teachers and families with the support they need to be effective in school.  This ranged from packing bags of food for vulnerable families to take home for Winter Break to providing funds for valuable teacher training.  Her community work does not end with the schools, she has also served as a coach, Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher, and volunteer with the New Mexico Medical Corp.  In all of these roles she has shown compassion and leadership.  She will work to make sure our schools remain a welcoming place for all of our students.

I have no doubt that Melanie is running because she feels passionate about our kids and community and that she will research and make informed decisions in the best interest of both. I’m not the only Barranca parent who feels this way, below is a small sampling of District 4 families and individuals who are endorsing Melanie Colgan for School Board.

Lisabeth Lueninghoener

Additional Endorsements:

Jill Lang
Cindy Byerly 
Anna Nowell
Caron and Jeremy Inglis
April Wheeler and Melissa Goldman
Tara Adams
Timothy and Rebecca Foley
Catherine Puranananda
Nalani Kimball
Debra McCrady
Kirsten Stromberg
Charles and Stephanie Nakhleh
Ellen Mills
Karyl Ann Armbruster
John and Andrea Determan
Karen Holmes
JoLynn Baily
Tom and Betty Scherrer
Matt and Kate Cleveland
Theresa Cull
Jennifer Hollingsworth and Howard Coe
Andrea Cunningham
Shaun and Ashley Wrightson
Meg Fiengo
Lucas and Melissa Laeser
Carissa Waida and Mike Pratt
Rhonda Simmons
Seth and Beth Brown
Jennifer Best
Mary Ann Lindahl
Michelle Rosette
Eron and Teri Kerstiens 
Carrie DeBurgomaster
Michael Adams
Ali Semanision
Melissa Doran & Michael Rosenow
Linda Casias
Suzanne and Gregory Lee – We are grateful for a candidate in our district who supports universal masking for in person schooling. Our eldest child has flourished with the return to in person schooling – something that would not have been possible without universal masking.