Trinity On The Hill’s Sweet And Savory ‘Tea To Go-Go’ Is Oct. 2


Necessity is the mother of invention. When Covid-19 shut down the ever-popular Tea and Fashion Show at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, the fundraising team was in a quandary as to how to support their annual housebuilding mission trip to Juarez, Mexico. “Tea to Go-Go” with the slogan, “We provide the food and tea, you provide the venue!” was the overwhelming successful response. 

“Tea to Go-Go” returns this year on Saturday, Oct. 2, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. For $35.00, a box of assorted homemade sweets, savories, and tea that serves two is provided. The boxes must be preordered at The delicious tea and treats are selling quickly, and it is recommended to place an order soon before they are sold out. The boxes can be picked up curbside (you don’t even have to get out of your car!) in the upper parking lot of Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, 3900 Trinity Drive.

Once you have your Tea to Go-Go, then the fun begins. You can dust off your china and put on your party clothes, or pull out a blanket and have a picnic. Why not take advantage of our beautiful Fall weather and invite friends over for patio dining or a soiree at Ashley Pond? Not a sweets person? Purchasing a box for a friend or neighbor would be a wonderful surprise! 

All the proceeds from the sale go toward a new home for a family in the colonias of Juarez, where the typical shelter is pieced together with wooden pallets, tar paper, and scraps of wood and metal. Mission team members pay their own trip expenses, but the money raised pays for a local crew and building materials, a cost that has skyrocketed this year. For more information, call the church office at (505) 662-5107 or  email