Choose To Be Kind, Los Alamos!


Is it ever ok to vandalize someone’s property? Is it ever ok to bully or name call? Is this how you create a safe space?

Los Alamos the answer is NO. I am ashamed of people in this town over what is going on. I understand politics are a hot button issue for most but please act like adults and set a good example for the next generation. If you do not agree with everything someone says then scroll past it and move on with your life. Don’t vote for them. If you feel so strongly about issues run for office yourself. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and speak out for what you believe, especially in a town that believes their opinion is not only the best opinion but the only right opinion out there. For those of you who are hatefully commenting on articles about candidates, you are a bully. Before you say it’s not being a bully, the definition of a bully is a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable. We talk about having a “safe space” for our students and then we tear each other down every chance we get online. A safe space in school will never happen unless we make society safe for everyone. The same parents preaching we need schools to be a “safe space” are the ones attacking fellow community members for having different beliefs, different morals, and different lifestyles. These kinds of attacks are the same ones that need to be stopped in the schools to make it safe. Just a little hypocritical Los Alamos.

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As parents shouldn’t we lead by example? Our children are watching and learning from us. So when we attack someone they see it and think it is 100% ok and they take it to the same schools we want to protect. I truly hope that the person who vandalized Paul Anthony Jaramillo’s church door is not an adult. I also hope that no matter if you want to vote for him or not, if it was your child that did it you would teach them right from wrong. Like it or not, vandalizing a church is a hate crime. A lot of people have talked about Paul being a hateful person. Whoever did this is hateful. Los Alamos be nice, be neighborly, and be respectful. It takes little effort to be kind but extra effort to be hateful, mean, and hurtful. Choose to be kind Los Alamos.

Heather Whitney