My Endorsement For Antonio Jaurigue For LAPS Board, District 2


Antonio Jaurigue, gets my vote for Chamisa District 2 for Los Alamos Public Schools Board for so many reasons!  As someone who has been in education for over 27 years working as a principal, central office administrator, and teacher, and as a parent in LAPS, I have interacted with many people. Antonio, is superior. Antonio Jaurigue has the enthusiasm, energy, qualifications, a collaborative spirit, and the commitment needed in order to be a highly competent board member.

Antonio is a “doer”. He rolls up his sleeves and helps any chance he can. He is genuine, and has no hidden agenda. He wishes to protect what he values most, children in the community and their education.  

We have seen so much division and lack of unity in all areas of our lives recently. Antonio is the type of person who brings people together, listens carefully to everyone, and kindly embraces diverse opinions while getting things done.  He is humble, bright, dedicated and hard working. He has helped with many events and activities at Chamisa and does so with a smile. His managerial work experience, intellect, boundless energy, and commitment to our school, coupled with his determination to serve as a Board Member, makes him the ideal candidate.

As a teacher and parent, times have been tough during the pandemic. More than ever the educational community needed support. Antonio Jaurigue has been present and often seen on campus.  He has thanked us for our hard work and asked what we needed. Antonio has made us feel valued and supported.

Antonio Jaurigue is the only Board candidate I have seen at Chamisa during this tough time.  I want a board member who knows what’s happening, who is in touch with the staff, parents and students. We need someone who cares about the community. Antonio is that person! We’ve heard much discussion of personal rights, choice, etc. However, when we are part of a community, we have responsibilities to each other and to the students at large. I know Antonio Jaurigue will think of the students first, their well-being, their academic success and safety. I am confident Antonio Jaurigue will do his very best to represent our Chamisa Family and to sustain and improve our school system in Los Alamos. 

Megan Elizabeth Lee
Educator and Parent