Dr. Eugene Kovalenko To Discuss Dreams Friday At Betty Ehart Senior Center

Dr. Eugene Kovalenko/Courtesy photo


Dr. Eugene Kovalenko will discuss dreams during a presentation Friday at Betty Ehart Senior Center. 

“Kovalenko does not help you interpret your dreams but introduces you to a process that allows you to look at your own dreams through 12 easy questions,” said Bernadette Lauritzen, 

“I feel that this has become my true life’s work independent of my professional life,” Kovalenko says in his book. “It began with that original nightmare, which gradually morphed into a spiritual passion.” 

He believes that the original seeds were planted unconsciously when he was a soldier in Berlin on a clandestine assignment, Lauritzen said.

“Kovalenko’s approach is called CREEI. He believes that by understanding some simple concepts, readers will be able to notice trends and discover the link between their head and their heart. His simple 12-step process allows the dreamer to reflect in a systematic way,” she said. “Doing this allows your thinking mind to appreciate the inner reality of your dreams, and understand the importance of reflecting on them in a systematic way.” 

The discussion runs from 10 a.m. to noon Friday at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. Those members wishing to have lunch at the center will have plenty of time to do so.  To make reservations for the presentation or lunch, call (505) 662-8290. For more information on Dr. Kovalenko, go to www.eugenekovalenkophd.com