County Re-advertises For Broadband Manager Position


Los Alamos County has re-advertised for the Broadband Manager position in hopes to expand their search and attract more applicants. The position was first posted on July 26, with a closing date of August 26.  

The Broadband Manager position will direct, plan and oversee the research, development, design, implementation, construction, operation, and maintenance of the Community Broadband System. The position serves as a project manager, contract manager and County liaison with the community, with a goal of identifying and implementing appropriate uses of technology to improve the quality and delivery of community broadband services. 

“The County is looking for someone with the skills and experience to lead our broadband efforts and initiatives forward in alignment with current technological developments and trends,” said County Manager, Steven Lynne, “The right candidate will be able to manage several infrastructure priorities, with their focus on improving broadband services for the community.” 

The Broadband Manager position will be aligned to provide successful and timely implementation of projects and initiatives in line with County Management and County Council strategic goals. The Broadband Manager will also work directly with all County departments to identify strategies and technologies to improve community broadband services and through that, other County services as well. 

The Broadband Manager position is an exempt position with a salary range of $100,818.00 – $148,618.08. The position will close on October 1, 2021. To apply or to see the full job description, visit the County Human Resources page at: 

Or call Rosabella Romero at 505-662-8341.