An Open Letter To LAPS Board Members And Candidates


The teaching of Critical Race Theory, CRT, in public school is currently a highly controversial subject across the USA.  Before voting in current school board election, the voters of Los Alamos have the right to know what are the positions of the school board candidates as related to CRT, their understanding of what is included under CRT, and their justifications for their positions. The current school board can take a position and starting a conversation in the community by taking up the issue as an agenda item for their next meeting on affirming or banning the teaching of CRT in our K-12 public school system. By not putting forth this as an agenda item will communicate to the Los Alamos community that this topic is either not worthy of consideration or not of sufficient priority to be considered for our community.

I also like to suggest our public media, namely the Los Alamos Reporter and Los Alamos Daily Post provide ample space for civil public discussion for this important but controversial topic.  For those community members wanting to learn more about the topic I like to suggest  reading “How to be An Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi and “Black Eye for America, How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down The House” by Carol M. Swain and Christoper J. Schorr.  Both black authors Kendi and Swain clearly hold opposing views.  To take an even deeper dive into the topic read “Critical Race Theory, An Introduction, Third Edition” by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic. These two authors are key early contributors to the development of CRT.  Member of the Los Alamos community should also suggest other educational and reading material. If the community wishes  I would also be happy to set up zoom meetings for community communication.

Kenneth Lee
Los Alamos