Judge Accepts Plea Agreement In Case Of Truck-Bicycle Crash


Los Alamos Municipal Judge Elizabeth Allen has accepted a plea agreement for Brian A. Jean in connection with a March 10 crash on Diamond Drive at 35th Street where a 50-year old cyclist was seriously injured.

Los Alamos Police Department charged Jean with careless driving as well as tuning and stopping movements and requirements and required signals. Police records indicate that the cyclist was lying face up in the roadway with an apparent injury to his head and shoulder area. The report said the cyclist had no recollection of what happened and that he was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center and then to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe where he remained hospitalized for two weeks.

The police report said Jean told his he was driving northbound on Diamond Drive and was making a right turn onto 35th Street when he heard and felt something collide with his vehicle. He told police he looked into his passenger side mirror and noticed the cyclist on the ground injured and that he never saw the cyclist on the road until after the crash.

Under the terms of the plea agreement reached by Jean’s attorney Bill Snowden and prosecutor Dori Biagianti Smith, Jean pleaded no contest to the charge of turning and stopping movements and required signals violation and the careless driving charge was dismissed. Jean was ordered to pay a $50 fine and $65 in court fees.