Addressing Responses For ‘Mandates?’

Thank you all for your constructive criticisms, they have been noted and I will reconsider my future thoughts and decisions.  I will bear in mind next time the .gov sites of the: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are not valid sources for research, and education.  Point taken, and noted for the future.  I had thought that the Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) was a peer reviewed journal for Managed Care and Hospital Formulary Management a reliable source.  Again, had I realized that it was a merely conspiracy publication, as you so graciously pointed out, I would not have used it.  And you are absolutely correct, I should have thought twice before citing the CNBC news report on the 27 vaccinated people on Carnival Cruise Lines published on August 13 that was indeed poor judgment.  Again point taken, and noted for the future to stay far, far, away from CNBC News.  You are correct again on my source for Israel, I did not cite the August 18 New York Times article Israel, Once the Model for Beating COVID, Faces New Surges of Infections (  I did not cite it and that was a rather big mistake, I will also make note that The New York Times is a poor resource for gathering information and should not be used.  

In my confusion, and mess of thoughts I would have gone with more of the same type of articles like HIV-1 Drug Resistance and Resistance Testing in the journal Infection, Genetics, and Evolution to discuss the adaption/evolution/mutation of HIV which I thought was a retrovirus, and I had thought that to be similar (not the same) to COVID since I thought it to be a retrovirus as well.  I would have also used the the book Virus as Populations, published in 2020 written by Esteban Domingo (  Apparently, I am way off base in my selections for reading material for trying to understand and make sense of the basics of virology.  

I was under the impression that people had been objecting and opting out of vaccinations based on religious exemptions, medical exemptions, and personal belief exemptions for quite some time (  But you know, I should really research that more.  I was even under the impression that Congress had “backed legislation prohibiting the dishonorable discharge of troops who refuse the COVID vaccine” (

Thank you for kindly pointing out the error of my ways.  Thank you for gently illuminating my faulty choices in resources for research.  Clearly, I cannot use those sources in the future as they are inundated with conspiracy theorists.  It would be of great service to me, and possibly others who are using these same wrong type of sources as reading material, if you could provide a list of better resources that would be much appreciated.  I was just trying to make sense of information in my head, which clearly I went to the wrong sources to find clarity.  Again would you be so kind as to provide a list verified sites?  It will be of considerable help to me, so I can make better life choices in the future.

Dee Cruz-Murphy