Thoughts From The Farm: Scalehouse Blues

A scene from the Quarter Circle Equals Ranch in Rutherton. Photo by Sage Faulkner


We worked on the scale today at the ranch. For those that don’t know what that means….you climb down in a covered pit in the ground, very slowly. You look for skunks.  Then you look for snakes.  Then you think about the big snake skin you just found by the scale box, and you really look for snakes.  Okay, now look for spiders.

Centipedes.  Still no snakes? Climb into the corner and start cleaning out the piled up dirt that is messing with the balance bars.  Bang your head really hard and throw the two centipedes crawling next to you over on your husband.  Get dirt in his eyes so he really isn’t sure what all you just did and then, relax.  At least it wasn’t a snake.  

Ask hubby if he’s okay.  Thank God for hubby.  

Proceed with cleaning out under scale and daydream about winning the lotto and blowing up this dang contraption.