Letter To The Editor: Our Country Has Lost Its Way

Our country has lost its way.

Our nation’s elected and appointed “leaders” have utterly failed.  Our federal agencies are no better.  The advanced levels of ineptitude, corruption, and rot being exposed daily are sickening.

To those with the eyes to see this (and, incredibly, even now there are some who remain willfully blind), the question becomes, what can be done?

If you have always sat back and lived your life thinking that it is someone else’s responsibility to preserve your freedoms, or participate in governance on your behalf, or speak up for you to address injustices, now might be a good time to get more involved.  Particularly if you find that your voice, and your values, are no longer being represented.

Sometimes problems can become so big that man’s best efforts alone cannot fix the mess that’s been created.  That’s where we stand as a nation right now.

This letter is not an appeal to all those who in their smug self-righteousness voted for Biden and (incredibly) still believe they saved us from the evils of Trump.  Instead, this letter is an appeal to everyone else.  This letter is an appeal to those who absolutely know there is a God, and especially to those who might not be sure but are willing to consider the possibility.

Pray for our country.  Pray daily, pray often, pray unceasingly.  Pray for the military families who right now are dealing with gut-wrenching anguish from the loss of 13 of our service members.  Pray for any children in those families who will never again see their parent.  Pray for any spouses, newly widowed.  Pray for the parents, the siblings, and other loved ones.  Ask God — your Father and their Father — to comfort them and help them find the strength to carry on.

Pray also for an end to the madness and evil now infecting our country.  Pray that the “woke” among us will actually wake up, or lacking that, pray for God’s protection against their misguided policy decisions and actions.  Pray that the medical industry finds the integrity to turn away from the pursuit of the almighty dollar and refocuses on helping mankind, including seeking after and making available to the American public therapeutics that are helpful where the vaccines have failed.  Pray for scientists to speak up against corruption of the scientific method, loudly decrying any bureaucratic decisions that falsely claim to be “based on science”.  Pray for Americans everywhere to speak up against and utterly REJECT tyranny in all forms.  Pray for those who have sought power, and are now using it to destroy rather than lift up the lives of American citizens.  Pray for goodness to prevail.  Pray for Godly wisdom to be granted liberally to all who humbly ask for it.  Pray for our youth.  Pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world who are facing many of the same evils (and more) as we are.

Perhaps most importantly, pray to know what role God has in mind for you personally at this time.  Then act upon that knowledge, with bravery and courage.  Steadfastly ignore the mob of dissenting voices that will most assuredly come after you, belittling you for your beliefs.  In the eternal scheme of things, the voices of the unbelievers will not matter.  But your prayers today do matter.  May God grant you the courage to become more involved and to pray.  (And now… cue the nasty Facebook comments by all those who preach, but don’t practice, diversity and inclusion.)

Laura A. Crotzer