LAHS Homecoming Parade ‘Blast The Bengals’ Planned For Sept. 17

Parade route, staging area and walker drop-off point for Sept. 17 Homecoming parade. Courtesy LAPS


It’s time to start planning for this year’s Homecoming Parade on Friday, Sept. 17. This year’s theme is “Blast the Bengals.”  The Los Alamos High School Varsity Football team will host the Gallup Bengals that evening at Sullivan Field. Game time is 7 pm. 

The parade will begin at 2:30 pm starting at the intersection of 4th Street and Central Avenue and proceeding down Central Avenue to Rose Street. Judges will be seated outside Starbucks.

Staging begins at 1:30p.m. at 4th Street and Central Avenue at the Canyon School parking lot. 

Walkers should be dropped off in the old Smith’s parking lot and walk to Canyon School on 4th Street.   There will be no drop off or parking at Canyon School.  Walkers will congregate on the west side of the parking lot (see map) to be introduced into the parade once their whole group has arrived.

Lanes will be set up for the floats and vehicles on the east side of the Canyon School parking lot.   Floats and vehicles should use Canyon Rd to access 4th street (Central Ave. and 4th Street access will be closed).  Once reaching the parking lot for Canyon school participants will be directed into the appropriate lane.  Please do not arrive at Canyon School earlier than 1:30pm in order to not block the lanes before they are established.  Floats and vehicles may not be parked at Canyon School until 1:30 pm.

The fee for all float/vehicle entries is $15 and $10 for walkers.  Checks may be made payable to LAPS.

Parade applications may be found on the Los Alamos High School website at  Completed forms and payment are due to the LAHS Bookkeeper (663-2528)  located near the Book Depository  by 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, September 15th. 

Please contact with any questions.

Float/Walker/Trailer General Requirements

  • All vehicles must enter at Canyon and 4th – no other admittance areas are allowed. Walker drop off is discouraged from this area.  Vehicles not participating in the parade or entering local businesses will not be allowed to turn onto 4th.
  • Motorized entries that involve student riders are required to have four adults walking (two at front, two at rear) in order to ensure proper supervision and help keep the pathway clear.  
  • Adults are required to monitor and ensure safe behavior of student riders/walkers.  Failure to do so may result in loss of privilege to participate in future Homecoming Parades.
  • Floats and Walkers will be staged in the order in which they arrive at Canyon Complex (not in chronological order of parade numbers).  
  • Instruct participants/parents/guardians to park/drop off participants at a site away from staging area (for example, the old Smiths parking lot) and walk to staging location.  
  • Do not throw candy! Candy must be handed out by walkers! Tossing candy encourages small children to run into the street, creating a safety hazard.
  • All drivers must be 21 or older.
  • Maintain your interval and the pace of the parade. If your group has walkers who are unable to hold the pace of the parade, your group must provide a vehicle on which they may ride.
  • Under no circumstances should participants in one entry interfere with participants in other entries.
  • All riders on floats must have something secure to hold on to. Do not overload floats or vehicles.
  • Jumping on and off floats is absolutely prohibited.
  • The float sponsor or their adult designee is required to be with students during the parade.
  • Any improper language or suggestive graphics will be removed from floats before the parade. Please exercise sound judgment; parades are family events!
  • Each group is responsible for helping clean up the staging areas before leaving the area.
  • LAHS administration reserves the right to remove a float or its participants from the parade if it feels there is an unsafe or inappropriate situation present.
  • Please remember that the Homecoming Parade celebrates youth activities and their supporters within our schools and community.  Parade participants should remain focused on the intent of this event and refrain from using the parade for political or economic gain. 
  • Lastly, have fun and enjoy the event and thank you for your participation and support.