It Looks Like There Will Be Kiwanis Fireworks In 2021 After All

Los Alamos Kiwanis

It looks like there WILL be Kiwanis fireworks in 2021 after all—and the show will be free.

Kiwanis Fireworks Chairman Pat Soran told the Kiwanis Newsletter in a recent interview that the revised 2021 plan calls for fireworks on Saturday, Sept. 4  (Labor Day weekend), starting at dusk (approximately 9 p.m.), in Overlook Park. The show will be open free to all comers, and there will be no one asking for donations at the gate.

There will also be music during the show, arranged by the people who do the Friday concerts at the pond.

In an Aug. 25 meeting, the Kiwanis Board of Directors voted to shift money to fully fund the show—despite concerns about funding future needs.

Soran warned the Newsletter that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham could still veto the fireworks (because of the large crowd the show draws and concerns about the coronavirus pandemic), but he and many of the usual core fireworks volunteers are moving ahead with preparations for the show.

And where will the necessary extra money come from?

Los Alamos Kiwanis Treasurer Cindy Eaton recently sent out a message to Kiwanis members that said:

“We’re going to have a donation booth in the middle of the field on Sept. 4th  at Overlook. I’m looking for volunteers to help collect donations (cash, check, credit card, venmo, paypal)….”

So, unless the New Mexico governor says no, there will be free fireworks on Labor Day weekend. Kiwanis hopes many people will come, bring their families, and enjoy themselves. Kiwanis also hopes that a lot of people will drop by the tent in the middle of the field and donate so that Kiwanis can afford fireworks for NEXT year.