Alissa Grissom Announces Bid For UNM-LA Advisory Board Position 1

Candidate For Position 1
UNM-LA Advisory Board

My name’s Alissa Grissom and I’m running for the UNM LA Advisory Board. I’m running because I believe there are changes that should be made at UNM-LA that could significantly improve the student experience and the quality of their education. Our goal, as a college, should be to meet as many of the diverse needs of our students and local community as possible. We can do that, not by merely educating the students, but by recognizing every student as a unique individual – encouraging their strengths, and thoughtfully addressing areas where they need greater assistance.

UNM should be a place for students to grow both academically and personally. This means providing more than a basic education. Students also need tools for success in the larger world. As a member of the Advisory Board, I will push to expand existing student services, such as The Graduation Project. I will also advocate for new students to have access to as many of our existing tools as possible.

The UNM LA Advisory Board provides important oversight and input for the governing of the university. I look forward to bringing my passion for education to this body. I ask for your support in November’s election.