Antonio Jaurigue Announces Candidacy For Los Alamos Public Schools Board District 2

Candidate For LAPS Board District 2

It is with great pride and excitement that I am announcing my candidacy for the School Board Representative for Chamisa District (District 2) in Los Alamos County.  As a parent of three children currently in the Los Alamos School District with two currently at Chamisa Elementary, and one getting their bearings in middle school, I have experience and knowledge navigating the issues and strengths of Chamisa Elementary as well as the school district more broadly.  

As a consistent volunteer in the school system, I have been able to develop an open dialogue with not only school staff, but also with the parents and students.  A strong advocate for the students and teachers, I have supported initiatives that aim to improve the already outstanding legacy that Chamisa has provided.  

As a School Board Representative I would continue to listen to and represent the best interests of the teachers, parents, and students.  In doing this, I plan to further cement the outstanding legacy and sense of pride the community has in our public schools.  On the forefront of this is the goal of continually maintaining and improving the infrastructure of Los Alamos Public Schools, improving the curriculum and standards to maximize the learning potential of the students in a way that promotes mental health as well as performance, and continuing to promote community involvement in the educational system.  

In the near future the School Board will make important decisions that will directly impact our community.  Examples include hiring a new Superintendent, deciding how to approach a housing initiative that will utilize LAPS land, and working to recover from the unprecedented changes we have had to implement in response to the Covid pandemic.

I have so much pride in our community and am eager to give back in the best way I can imagine: by supporting the kids, parents, and all members of LAPS who work so hard to make this community what it is. My name is Antonio Jaurigue, and I ask for your support in electing me to the Los Alamos Public School Board for District 2.